The Microbrewery: A Success Story in the Making


This is definitely the age of SMEs and one sector that has exploded onto the scene is the craft beer industry; groups of master brewers came together to form microbreweries, with the focus on craft beer. A good business plan and some funding equals a thriving business, especially those who manage to create truly inspirational beers that quickly gain a large following.

Why the demand?

You only have to sample 5 or 6 of the mainstream beers to understand why beer drinkers are turning to locally brewed beer; the taste cannot be compared – mass produced beer doesn’t have the refined taste of microbrewed beer and the small businesses create amazing menus, with various types of premium beer on offer.

What is craft beer?

Beer that is brewed using local ingredients, with some imported items used and the beer is made to very precise recipes that date back a century or more. European and Scandinavian recipes are popular, with:

  • Indian Pale Ale
  • Light and dark bitter
  • Lager
  • Pilsner
  • Stout

We now have the technology for a beer brewer to perfectly replicate time and time again and with the very best of ingredients, the end result is top-notch beer.

Local microbreweries

When you tour a craft beer brewery, you are shown every stage of the process and can ask the technicians questions, while tasting samples, of course. They would also have their own bar when you can enjoy draught beer at very affordable prices and meet like-minded folk and enjoy the ambience.

Exploring markets

Of course, the pandemic forced many beer drinkers to imbibe at home and the microbrewery sell their products online and capture a large percentage of the market. Once a beer drinker discovers a local microbrewery website, they can order a sample pack and get to find out which beers hit the spot, so to speak.

Value for money

When compared to the mass-produced beers found on the supermarket shelves, craft beer is very affordable and as the taste is far superior, making the switch is definitely a win-win. This is one reason why the craft beer industry is thriving and the number of educated beer drinkers is increasing by the day.

If you have yet to sample premium craft beer made at a local microbrewery, Google is your best friend and within a few minutes, you will be at their online checkout and your beer will be despatched.