The Different Types of Steaks and the Nutrition They Have


Everybody talks about the delicious tastes, tenderness and flavour when it comes to steaks or steakhouses but the facts about the nutrition of steaks are rarely discussed. Since steaks are prepared from the best portions of the beef and under strict USDA instructions and grades, it is expected that steaks are nutritious and healthier foods. In the context of growing obesity and other weight-gain problems across the world, the steaks obviously bring about health concerns particularly for people who are health conscious. Therefore, it is essential to dig out the nutrition aspect of the steaks in order to make them safer in addition to their delicious taste and flavour. Get into Rib n Reef to taste the delicious and flavourful steaks which are healthy as well as nutrition.

There are numerous types of steaks with different nutrition values. One of the tastiest steaks is the Tri-tip or the bottom-sirloin which is a large and triangular shaped steak very popular in California as well as in other places. Every 261 gram of Tri-tip has 211 kcal calories including 11.1 gram of fat, 26 grams of protein and 6/10 of tenderness level.

Similarly, another popular type of cheaper steak is the Chuck Eye often confused with the Chuck steak which is the cut from the neck and strong and tough. However, the Chuck Eye is the cut from the portion that is next to ribeye. There are 7 ribeye cut normally from 6th to 12 and the Chuck Eye is the cut from 5th to 6th. Because of its tenderness and ideal mix of meat and fat, and above all its low costs it is affordable for everybody and delicious and therefore named as “poor man’s ribeye”. The nutritional value of the Chuck Eye is for every 308 grams 277 kcal calories, 19.6 grams fat, 25 grams of protein and 6.5/10 tenderness.

 The Flank is a large and thin cut of steak from the abdominal portion of the beef. The flank is lean and contains plenty of muscle fibers and neither tough nor tender in comparison to other tender steaks. The nutritional value of every 383 grams of flank has 192 kcal calories along with 8.2 grams of fat, 27.7 grams of protein and 5/10 tenderness. You may count flank as one of the tough or less tender steaks, but when you count the flavour, the flank steaks are one of the most flavourful steams.