Have Unexpected Guests At Home? Serve These Easy Snacks!


Sample this situation – You are enjoying TV on a lazy Saturday afternoon, and suddenly you get a call that a few friends are coming over. While you can always order food, it also means deciding a detailed menu and spending considerable money on pizzas and burgers. How about making a few quick snacks at home within an hour? In this post, we are suggesting choices in snacks item, which you can easily make with frozen foods that are available in your freezer.

  • Mixed cheesy fries. If you have a mix of fries, like potato fries, French fries, wedges, and smileys stored at home, you can quickly make a nice platter of cheesy fries. Place the frozen fries on a tray and add some grated cheese on the top. Bake the platter for 10 minutes, and your cheesy fries are ready to serve. You can add some seasoning on the top for extra spice quotient.
  • Simple casserole with French fries. This recipe requires minced meat, which is usually stocked in most homes with frozen French fries. Mix the meat with chopped onions and other veggies of your choice, with salt, pepper and mixed herbs. Top it with some frozen French fries. Now, bake the casserole for good 25 minutes, and do keep checking in between. Your casserole will be ready in less than an hour and will look fancy to the guests.

  • Quick salad with potato nuggets. Fry the frozen potato nuggets first and keep aside. For the salad, chop veggies of your choice. Take a chicken/turkey breast and cook on a cast iron pan to get a juicy result. Now cut the chicken breast into small chunks and keep aside. In a bowl, add the chopped chicken first, with the ready veggies, and add salt and seasonings of your choice. You can also add some mayo dressing if you like. Finally, add the potato nuggets, which will add to the crunchiness of the recipe.

Frozen nuggets, fries and potato smiles are really handy when you want to make something special at home but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. We promise that your guests will love these recipes. On a boring day, you can even make fries of different kinds and serve it with a dip of your choice. You can also try baking a pie with some of the frozen items, and these recipes don’t more than an hour.