Tips for Creating a Unique Brew Cave


So, you have decided to create your very own brew cave. This oasis is more useful than a man cave and easier to build. A brew cave is the perfect sanctuary to construct at home, you can add all sorts of features than make it totally unique. The sky is the limit when creating your own brew cave, you can entertain guests or use it solely as a brewery.


Anything is possible in brewing if you are willing to be creative. You do not have to stick to standard procedures, you can create your own brewing cave that suits your specific style and character. Some people start with just one batch and the next thing they know they are waist deep in wort and they are hooked on brewing. The great thing about creating your own brewery at home is that the possibilities are endless.


Getting a co2 cylinder refill or fermenting equipment is easy once you source from a reputable supplier. Finding good quality equipment and ingredients is not the hard part, the hard part is choosing your location. Your location will depend on your brewing style. If you decide to work with an open flame, here are the 3 best fire safe locations:

  • Garage
  • Driveway
  • Porch

If you want to go electric, you have a few more possibilities. You can safely brew beer anywhere once you have decent ventilation and access to a window.

Brew Space

The most essential part of your brew cave will be the kettles. The way you arrange the kettles depends on the type of space you have available. If you have plenty of space and all the right equipment, you can build a horizontal brew station. Tiered brewing systems look a lot better in tighter brew caves.

Implement Your Style

Once you have all the basics and you have established a solid base, you can now focus on pimping out the brew cave. Some like to leave it sparse, while others opt for something at the other end of the spectrum – fully equipped brew cave with a functioning bar.

So, there you have it, top tips on how to create a cool brewing cave. If you do decide to brew from home, it is best to go for electric brewing. It opens up a lot more possibilities and it is safer for the brewery. Electric brewing stations also have more innovative components which enables greater consistency and the opportunity to experiment.