What Meat Goes Best With a SPOG Rub?


SPOG rub is a popular barbecue seasoning that combines salt and pepper with deep earthy, umami tones from porcini mushrooms. This blend works well with all types of meat and can be adjusted to suit the specific taste of the cook. It is best applied to the surface of the meat, and should rest for at least thirty minutes before cooking. The spice blend is also made with chiles and raw cane sugar, which helps it complement a variety of meats.

The spicy, sweet, and smoky flavor of this rub is a popular choice for burgers, steaks, and chicken. But if you’re looking for a barbecue rub that works well with a variety of meats, spog may be the perfect choice. This spice mixture is great on a variety of meats, including poultry and fish. This versatile spice mix is available online and in grocery stores, and is a good all-purpose spice for grilling.

SPOG Rub is a Great All Rounder

Besides burgers and steaks, spog can be used on almost any type of meat, from fish to chicken. Although it can be too spicy for some palates, this rub is an excellent all-purpose seasoning. It can be made easily at home and is an excellent addition to your grilling arsenal. It’s easy to make, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Just make sure you weigh and mix the ingredients properly. You can also add some onion powder to enhance the flavor of your food.

If you’re not a fan of pepper, you can make your own spog rub with a variety of ingredients you already have in your kitchen. You can use a dalmatian rub or simply add salt. It doesn’t matter what type of meat you’re cooking, a spog rub will add a delicious tangy flavor to your meal.

The spog rub can be used on steaks and burgers, but it’s also a versatile all-purpose rub. It’s a great choice for pork and chicken. This savory seasoning is rich and peppery, and accentuates the meat’s natural flavor. It is also a tasty way to add flavor to a dish. You can make your own spog rub by following the steps in the recipe below.


Spog rub is an all-purpose rub that works well on steaks, burgers, and chicken. It’s also a great all-purpose rub that you can use on fish and chicken. The spices in a spog rub are easily available in most kitchens and can be found in the kitchen. The recipe is easy to make and you can mix it by measuring the ingredients.