Northern Star Coffee shop – Restaurant Review


I realize there are numerous Italian restaurants in Newcastle. According to Google, you’ll find restaurants in Hamilton, Newcastle itself, Lambton, and Adamstown. We all know no less than three Italian Restaurants that individuals visit regularly in your area. The closest to the house is in Hamilton The Northern Star Cafe. It’s on Beaumont St round the primary drag. This really is really the main one we go to the most. Another the very first is however of Newcastle. It’s in Charlestown, inside the new shopping mall. Once we shop we eat your meals at dominics. The Next the very first is in Newcastle in Hunter St. We have been visiting Newcastle and love the foodstuff as well as other restaurants. Completely new ones are opening constantly. Newcastle was the first time I really had authentic Homemade Italian Cuisine.

Although I used to be surviving in Hamilton and in Hexham, Used to do formerly Duck off for supper within the Italian restaurant on Beaumont St. The Northern Star Cafe is no problem finding. It’s close to the Northern Star hotel but does not have association for the hotel. Parking might be a bit difficult. Easier to park nearby and walk towards the restaurant.The daylight inside is indirect and offers the first Mediterranean ambiance.

The Northern Star can be a Cafe-style Italian cuisine restaurant. They have ethnic style dishes, mostly through the mediterranean shoreline. There’s an enormous range of salad or vegetable-based dishes. The most popular is Caesar salad. My partner always takes the salad along with fruit and King prawns. The fruit that’s incorporated using the salad varies, for instance grapes, avocado, or pears. The most popular appetizer is Prawns cooked in Chilli with special sauces and herbs. My wife’s selection is certainly the Grilled Chicken Ceaser Salad. They serve fabulous Pastas. Their variations of fish and meat are perfect, including Chicken, veal and steak.

We like to the restaurant’s choices for the dinner and lunch menus. However, there’s one factor this restaurant has that few other you need to do. It is the personalised service from Jill as well as the great Homemade recipes from Juliano Bettoli. All the staff are polite and be familiar with wines as well as the meals round the menu. The decor is trustworthy Italian cafe style. The sensation is fantastic for all occasion. Since the restaurant is near the center of Newcastle, customers can engage in the food items before catching a movie or movie