Enjoy Tasty Halal Fast Food In Malaysia


If you’re looking for some great halal fast food options in Malaysia, you’re in luck! Whether you are looking for the best street burger in KL or some fantastic nasi lemak, you can find it all here. Here are some tips on finding the tastiest halal food in Malaysia:

How To Find The Best Halal Food In Malaysia

Eating halal foods is pretty easy in Kuala Lumpur and most places around Malaysia. You can easily find halal restaurants serving your favourite dishes or street food vendors serving up delicious treats like satay skewers or banana fritters. At most meals you will have a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian options and it’s very common to see people eating both at the same time! These tips will help you to find your perfect meal in Malaysia:

Check For A Halal Sign

Malaysians will often put a “Halal” sign in the window of a shop that specifies that the food is certified as acceptable for Muslims to eat. If you’re not sure whether a place sells halal food, keep an eye out for this sign in the window before you make your selection. Most shops selling halal food will be clearly marked with a “Halal” sign so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find what you’re looking for.

Ask The Locals

Look for locals in the know and go where the locals are flocking for their quick eats! This way you’ll have a good chance of finding great places to eat without the risk of falling into a tourist trap! Another great option is to ask your hotel concierge for the best places to eat nearby! They should be able to recommend somewhere where you can tuck into some delicious local food without leaving the tourist strip!

Look For Muslim-Owned Restaurants

Seek out shops that are run by Muslims. This is usually a sign that the food served is of good quality and suitable for Muslims to consume. Muslims refrain from eating pork products so most restaurants that serve pork will be avoided. If you are keen to find a place that offers a variety of popular Asian dishes as well as some traditional Malay fare, try looking in a Chinese-Muslim restaurant. There are plenty of these around the cities and they are known for serving delicious food at reasonable prices.