Different Places You Can Purchase Your Favourite Thai Sauce


Many people who have been to Thailand and lots who have not all love the spicy taste of Sriracha sauce, and it is now available worldwide, and this Thai staple is shipped around the globe. If this is your favourite sauce and you are keen to get your hands on it, you will have various options you can consider for purchasing this Thai condiment, so you always have some at home. Below are some different ways to get your spicy taste of Thailand and stock your cupboards with delicious Sriracha sauce.

Buying It Online

It is easy to buy Sriracha sauce online, and you will see various websites selling this sauce, and you can often buy it in bulk if you prefer. You can shop around and compare the different online stores selling it and see which offers the best value for money and the lowest prices on the sauce and delivery costs. If you bought enough, you might also be able to purchase in bulk directly from the manufacturer if you were willing to buy enough of it.

Fill Up Your Suitcase

If you are heading to Thailand on holiday soon or know somebody who is, you can also fill up your suitcase and bring lots of bottles of Sriracha sauce home. However, you will need to pack your case carefully and ensure the bottles do not get damaged during transit, or they could cover the contents of your suitcase and make a bit of a mess.

Your Local Supermarket

If you cannot afford to spring for a luxurious trip to Thailand to buy your favourite Sriracha sauce, you can also head to your local supermarket, which will often have it available. In the UK, supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s will have various brands of Sriracha sauce you can buy to satisfy your cravings. If you can get it in your local supermarket, there is no need to bulk buy as you can always nip to the shops to get another bottle.

Visit Your Local Asian Supermarket

Asian food of all varieties has increased in popularity over the last couple of decades, and many Asian supermarkets opened as a result. Wherever you live, you will most likely have an Asian supermarket near you where you can buy bottles of \sriracha sauce and lots of other tasty treats. You can stock up on ingredients and cook authentic Thai food using your Sriracha sauce which will get your tastebuds tingling and make you want to return to the Land of Smiles.