What Are Some Of The Best Indian Chicken Recipes? Find Here!


Indian cuisine is all about aromas, flavors and spices. Every state of India has its own signature recipes, and some of these dishes have passed the test of several generations. Data shows that more than 70% Indians are non-vegetarians, and chicken remains the most preferred meat in most states. We decided to visit the best Indian restaurant in Denver to find some of the signature chicken recipes, and here are our recommendations.

Butter chicken

Easily a favorite option in north Indian menu, Butter chicken is a flavorsome dish that is not high on heat and spices. It is made in a tomato and butter gravy and can have chicken with or without bone. Many people who have tasted Indian food may compare it with chicken tikka masala, but the latter is higher on spices. Butter chicken is more of a sweet gravy that feels buttery!

Chicken Vindaloo

Vindaloo is inspired from Portuguese cuisine and is among the spicy recipes you would find at an Indian restaurant. The recipe comes from the Indian state of Goa and includes potato. Chicken Vindaloo contains wine vinegar and garlic, which gives the flavor and name to this recipe. We recommend that you try this one with steamed white rice and do ask the chef to tone down the price a bit!

Palak or Saag chicken

Palak is Spinach in Hindi, and this recipe is one of the more nutritious ones on this list. Palak Chicken contains a paste of blanched spinach with garlic, onion, and ginger with touch of Indian spices. Traditionally, the recipe is not that spicy at all and goes well with most Indian flatbreads. You can go for boneless chicken to enjoy the flavors better.

Chicken Korma

Korma is made of yogurt with spices that are high on flavor, but not on heat. Korma can be made in many ways, but yogurt and cashews do make for the gravy for most recipes. Also, you can find a variety of this recipe called the chicken tikka korma, where the boneless pieces of chicken are first cooked in the clay oven and then added to the gravy.

Indian gravies work best with steamed rice or flatbreads, and if you are in mood for starters, do give the classic Tandoori chicken a try. Tandoori Chicken is made in the clay oven called the tandoor and is full of flavors, as the chicken is marinated for as long as 12 hours in selected prices.